14-Nov-2018Riverside, CA+23 milesItems Wanted
Water heater just went out. Help!
14-Nov-2018Riverside, CA+23 milesItems Wanted
Our water heater needs the gas feed line for the pilot light (about 2 1/2' long). It's an old model and I can't find the part anywhere! Would be so thankful for either that part or a used gas water heater of any size! God Bless You!
11-Nov-2018Riverside, CA+23 milesItems Wanted
I am looking for a working older stereo receiver for a Xmas gift. I have found a turntable and a pair of speakers so far, any brand that works and still looks pretty good is fine. I am hoping someone has one stashed in the garage etc. collecting dust :) Thanks
11-Nov-2018Riverside, CA+23 milesItems Wanted
Hi I work with seniors helping them afford Christmas by bringing them ornaments, decor, and small gifts to give. If you would like to donate some for seniors please contact me and I will come and get them. Thank you for your consideration. sincerely, Jan
8-Nov-2018Riverside, CA+23 milesItems Wanted
Hello, I am looking for used toys that I can give my almost 3 year old for Christmas. I am very low income due to my disability so would really appreciate any toys that would help my daughter with learning, pretend play, etc.. I would love to find a small play kitchen, or anything baby doll, like a play "baby care center" etc.. We could also really use 3t-4t clothing and size 8 toddler shoes. A...
7-Nov-2018Hemet, CA+12 milesItems Wanted
I am in desperate need of either a King or queen bed, preferably with a box spring and frame, but if not it's okay. I have two slipped disks in my back, as well as osteoarthritis. We are currently sleeping on a pull out couch mattress that is on the floor. The springs are hurting me so bad. We are struggling on one income while I fight for disability. Please any help would be extremely apprecia...
4-Nov-2018Murrieta, CA+12 milesItems Wanted
We need a working drum set for Rockband 4 for PS4. My husband and I love to play on our date night but a guest broke our drum set,so I was hoping someone out there has one they are not using.
25-Oct-2018Riverside, CA+23 milesItems Wanted
Hi, all. I am due on December 2 and my husband and I are having a baby girl. We are looking for any baby girl items that people may be willing to pass on: clothes, toys, walkers, etc. We don t have a very large family so anything is appreciated!
20-Oct-2018Moreno Valley, CA+15 milesItems Wanted
In need of a twin bed frame for my teen. Old one oz broken and is sleeping on old futon right now. TIA
Hello, I'm hoping to find plus size clothing for Women. Size 14 and up. Thankyou
11-Oct-2018Moreno Valley, CA+15 milesItems Wanted
college student/ new apartment in need of a desk for school.
11-Oct-2018Murrieta, CA+12 milesItems Wanted
In need of an electric stove ASAP please
11-Oct-2018Murrieta, CA+12 milesItems Wanted
If you have any woodworking tools, particularly, a jointer, and you have little use for them, I would be grateful. I'm a hobbiest who sees the possibility of making a little money making furniture. I have some tools, but the bank account is running a little dry, and I'm hoping someone may have some tools lying around the garage collecting dust. Thanks for your help, Phil
11-Oct-2018Murrieta, CA+12 milesItems Wanted
Hi I am hoping to find some new clothes. Simple as that.
11-Oct-2018Murrieta, CA+12 milesItems Wanted
looking for a laptop to teach a mentally disabled person how to use. would like to teach him how to use a computer to keep him busy, he doesn't work, so trying to reachout here. thank you
11-Oct-2018Murrieta, CA+12 milesItems Wanted
I will pick up, I'm in Temecula
11-Oct-2018Riverside, CA+23 milesItems Wanted
My son's 1st grade class is collecting box tops for kids to purchase reading books. If you have any that you would like to donate that would be awesome. Thanks so much!
11-Oct-2018Riverside, CA+23 milesItems Wanted
I need a comfortable chair or recliner for lower back pain .
11-Oct-2018Riverside, CA+23 milesItems Wanted
My granddaughter is a student at RCC and is in need of a desk that she can use to study. Please nothing huge because she doesn t have room for a big one. Thank you
11-Oct-2018Riverside, CA+23 milesItems Wanted
in need of some large (1 gal) black plastic grower variety pots. if you have some just taking up space please do not though them away we will come take them off your hands. Thanks
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